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Even if Facebook claims that they have no plans on opening Whats App to ads, it was announced that they’ll roll out an ad unit that will link the two platforms.Soon, it will be possible to add a button that will redirect the user to a Whats App chat or call.What if you were able to reach your customers by sending them broadcast messages via Messenger?Facebook has internally developed “Messenger Broadcast” an interface that allows businesses to send mass-messages to their customers.They are at an early stage of testing at the moment but according to Tech Crunch the interface could look like this: You can include a welcome message, a title and subtitle, and a call to action for the user such as visiting the business’ website, prompting a Messenger bot or tapping to send a preset reply written by the business.Will the broadcast messages reach all your customers?Lead ads for auto make it easy for people to sign up for information from your dealerships, such as offers and quotes.

After you have created your catalog, you can dynamically generate a unique ad for every vehicle in your inventory without having to configure each ad individually.This is not yet clear, as from what it looks like, some customers could be reached at no cost for the companies but, in order to reach them, they would still need to have engaged with your business before – stay tuned for updates!Ever wondered what determines the disapproval of Facebook Ads?Facebook confirmed that they will be starting tests in selected countries such as North and South America, Africa, Australia and most of Asia.Europe will probably be added at a later stage due to the stricter data protection laws existing there.

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I have also had a look at your "customise theme" section to see if there was anything within your "blog" section that may explain why this post in particular isn't publishing while all other posts are publishing without issue.

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