How would you act if you were the kind of man that women dream about?

How would the expression on your face be if you knew that no one but you could give the woman sitting across you the time of her life?

The Right Stuff is an international introduction network for single graduates and faculty of a select group of excellent universities and colleges.

It is a civilized, manageable and affordable way to meet well-educated members of the opposite sex.

Firstly they have a very traditional mindset that dating success, when it comes to Singapore girls, is something you either have, or do not.

You are either born with it, or you are left to ponder the what ifs.

The Right Stuff requires its members to provide proof of graduate or faculty status before joining. The Right Stuff has more than 4600 members in the United States and Canada along with a growing group in Europe.

The gender divide is a lot less in countries like America and England.

This also means they are a lot more playful with women, and wouldn't think twice of tickling their female friend, carrying them over their shoulder and throwing them in the pool, or smacking their derriere in a friendly playful manner. So you see, the difference is not in the race, its in the mentality. Belief System Your belief system is crucial as it dictates success in every area of your life.

Women can smell insecurity and a lack of confidence a mile away and these beliefs will ruin your dating life in Singapore.

Gambit is Singapore's Top Dating Coach as featured in Maxim, Fhm and Playeur Magazine as well as Channel News Asia's latest dating program. Where no two days are the same, and the cities, country, beaches and farms paint a perfect picture, the sports, activities, entertainment, dining, and rich culture with stay with vacationers for a li...

His company Charm Dynamics has so far changed the lives of over 235 Singaporean men, transforming geeks into con.

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