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Sexy Australians like the Hemsworth brothers may have influenced the second place results, while Pakistani men (hey Zayn Malik! Danish dudes and Spanish studs completed the top ten.This is an on-going project to compile an annotated list of all the important travelers on the Silk Road. Each entry will include a brief description, highlighting where possible issues such as where the person went, and why the journey and its record are important.Although we are starting with "early" travelers, the list eventually will include important explorer/travelers from modern times (down into the twentieth century).In certain cases, we will include descriptive accounts of the Silk Road even if the authors or compilers may not actually themselves have traveled in the areas described.A similar celebrity-centric pattern was shown on the men’s list, voted for by women.Irishmen came in at the top spot, potentially due to the amount of ladies lusting after Jamie Dornan, the star of 50 Shades of Grey. Ever-handsome Italian men came in at the seventh spot, while Tinie Tempah may have influenced Nigerians snagging the eighth place.The first known Chinese visited the Middle East as west as T'iao-chih, near the present Nedjef, Iraq. He journeyed most of the way on foot and was the first known traveler passing through the Taklamakan desert from Woo-e to Khoten. He fell ill there and could not return with his countrymen. According to Minorsky, "the only Muslim traveller who has left a record of his visit to the Uyghur capital on the Orkhon, i.e., to Khara-balghasun in the present-day Mongolia." The author likely was from Khorasan and was sent to the East in connection with political upheavals in Transoxiana. The route went from Baghdad via the territories of the Samanid state and its capital Bukhara, through Khwarezm and north of the Caspian Sea. Great Kitan statesman and poet who became advisor to Genghis Khan and his successors. Accompanied by An T'ing chen, sent as ambassador of the Jin emperor to Chingis Khan, whom he found apparently in the Hindukush mountains (today's Afghanistan), not "the North." The Pei shi ki (Notes on an Embassy to the North) is a written version of his oral report copied in the Chi pu tsu chai ts'ung shu. An eminent Taoist monk born in 1148 CE and thus elderly at the time of his trip, Ch'ang Ch'un was ordered by Chingis Khan to travel to his court.On his recovery he became a monk and lived in Gandhara and Kashmir, not returning to China until 790 Read the bibliography. Only an abridged version of his narrative survives, known especially from Yaqut's geographical dictionary. Although the account we have is not the original report, it has great value, since Ibn Fadlan "possessed extraordinary powers of observation." (Canard). Traveled with Genghis Khan and his army to Central Asia in 1219. A Dominican and papal envoy to the Mongols, traveled from the Holy Land to vicinity of Tabriz (N. On the second, accompanied by several others including his brother William, went much farther (his route is not well documented) to the inner Asian dominions of the Mongols, where he arrived during the regency of Oghul Qaimish, the widow of Khan Gyg. Bretschneider indicates the "narrative is of little importance." Read the bibliography. The route went through the Altai and Tienshan mountains, the southern parts of today's Kazakhstan, through Kyrgyzstan, to Samarkand and then down into NE Iran and Afghanistan.

Although we might not think of him as a traveler, an individual such as Ibn Khurdadbeh (who was "postmaster general" of the Abbasid Caliphate in the 10th century) deserves to be included here as well, since he tapped into the expertise of individuals who had in fact traveled on the routes he describes.

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His travel account Mu tianzi zhuan, written in the 5th-4th century BC, is the first known travel book on the Silk Road. Chinese general and envoy credited with opening the Silk Road after his mission from the Han Emperor Wudi to recruit the Yueh-chih people to form an alliance against the Xiongnu. Anonymous author of the Periplus of the Erythraen (=Red) Sea. His book had been lost since Tang dynasty until an incomplete copy (14 pages, ~6000 words) was miraculously discovered by the French explorer, Paul Pelliot at Dunhuang cave in 1908. Chinese soldier defeated and prisoned by the Arab at the famous battle of Talas in 751.

It tells of his journey to the Tarim basin, the Pamir mountains and further into today's Iran region, where the legendary meeting with Xiwangmu was taken place. The book no longer exists but is referenced in Shan Hai Zin, Leizi: Mu Wang Zhuan, and Shiji. First trip (138-125) skirted the Taklamakan desert via the northern route, passed the Pamir, then reached Ferghana. His second trip (119-115), a mission to seek alliance with Wu-sun people, took him to Dunhuang, Loulan, Kucha, then the capital of Wu-sun kingdom in the Ili river. A merchant handbook, written apparently by an Egyptian Greek, about trade routes through the Red Sea and involving both East Africa and India. Chinese general restoring the Tarim basin under Han's power and maintaining whole control of the area as west as Kashgar during his career there. First Chinese envoy to Ta-Ts'in (the Roman Orient) sent by general Ban Chao from Kashgaria in 97 AD. Sung Yun of Dunhuang went with a monk Huisheng on a mission sent by the Empress Dowager to obtain the Buddhist scriptures in India in 518. Chinese Buddhist monk and translator traveling across the Tarim basin via the northern route, Turfan, Kucha, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bactria, then over the Kindu Kush to India. He spent his remaining life translating sutras into Chinese. His travel and story became fantastic legends which were used in plays and novels, such as Wu Ch'eng-en's famous novel in the 16th century, Journey to the West. Stayed in the prison camp for ten long years and traveled to Tashkent, Samarkand, passed northern Iran to Iraq, west into Syria.

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Where they exist, English or other Western language texts or translations are cited for the original travel accounts (designated as "primary sources").

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