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It’s everything that old relationships had for a little while but went away. I create a product called super minerals which has all the cofactors, calcium orotate, magnesium orotate, potassium and zinc orotate, those are necessary as well for lithium to do it’s full job. You need amino acids to make dopamine, to make serotonin and to make GABA. Serotonin is optimism and dopamine is focus and motivation and interest and passion. I formulated my shakes according to mother’s milk to rebuild the brain and the hormone balance from those two different proteins. It just dissolves into your brain and your brain so much better relaxes. The other 70% of the protein takes up 80% of the energy to eliminate it from your body. It’s called super food shake for women and then super food shake for men but to get the full benefit, you need to take the minerals before, just the mineral capsule so you get in those lithium and all the other co factors and then you let it sit for 45 minutes at room temperature. Just two scoops, add eight ounces of water and then let it sit 45 minutes. You’ve got to have the behaviour but you’ve got to have the nutrition to fuel the brain of all the dopamine and serotonin that it needs because it’s the dopamine that’s also a requirement for the testosterone and it’s the serotonin that’s the requirement for the estrogen. I want to speak with you for hours but I want to be respectful of your time. J: The stellar life is single women on Valentine’s day, I want you to plan a date with a girlfriend if you don’t have a guy and you should go out and be proud that you’ve got friends in your life. I don’t have to have a guy.” That’s your independent side. If you don’t, at least stay home and watch some romantic movies with a girlfriend or a few girlfriends. Schedule something because the collective consciousness is all making a big to do about it. Since having a stellar life is continuing to grow in your knowledge and your wisdom of how to love more, how to be loved more, how to be healthier, the understanding of what we need for health today.

That’s because there was always that sense of newness and no history allows these really positive feeling to come forth. A soulmate relationship is one where we have new skills and new insights, and greater nutrition so that we can provide in a relationship the emotional support our partner needs to express their authentic self and that we get the emotional support that we need in order to express all of who we are. You can get the benefits right away if you just want to chest it out with lithium orotate but over time, you’ll need those co factors. Epsom salt are just great to help bring your magnesium levels up. There’s no other shake in the world that even has both proteins in them. You’re getting such little energy from your proteins that you could only get as well as amino acids for your brain. Then add about five to six cubes of ice and blend it up. If you put four ounces, it’s the most delicious, cold chocolate pudding. These are two key factors to have a stellar life that I see.

We’re all different but in than realm of we’re all different, unique, wonderful beings, we want to express that authenticity in our uniqueness to find our greatness. But, in that realm, when you look at all men, basically, and maybe you’ve got the 5% exceptions where certain brain changes happen in the brain and identity is shifted, actually there’s a group of 1 out of 10,000 children that has both male and female organs. I’m talking about massive generalities that you can make because we know that if a healthy man will have at least 10 to 30 times more testosterone than a healthy woman. Their estrogen levels will rise but not even close to a woman’s. 40 years ago, I rarely heard women saying, “I’m overwhelmed.” They might be angry at men if they were stressed but they were not overwhelmed. Also, spa treatments for example, think about you’re doing a spa, you’re completely relaxed and you let somebody take care of you. People don’t realize it, but that’s actually a man on his female side. What’s happened today is we have this whole movement for 60 years of feel your feelings and express them, the most destructive thing in all relationships for men to do. When a man feels criticized, just as when a woman feels criticized, defense reactions occur.

On the other side of this, a healthy woman will have, generally speaking, 10 times more estrogen than a healthy man. But today, you can get some of these 60 year old guys that are going to die in 5 years, their estrogen levels are higher than their wives. J: The reason I said they’re going to die in five years is because that’s the insurance companies are talking about. A little caveat in my book, my editor said, “Please John, call it interdependence. This is a word that has come into play as women have gone too far to their male side. You’re completely dependent on them to do something for you. O: It’s very interesting because when I look at tyrants, I never thought of it as being a feminine trait. Not destructive for women if they learn how to do it, but for men, to encourage them to express their angers and their fears and become “vulnerable” in everybody’s eyes like that’s a big, huge thing, to share that with your partner, it kills the passion in relationships. This secret of learning, learning how to communicate, is for women to start sharing whatever is going on inside with their partner, with a man, ideally, if you can find a man, it can be a girlfriend, it’s just more powerful with a man.

When we’re stressed, because the stress is stress hormones, as soon as your body goes into a kind of fight or flight, there’s different stages of that but once your body is in fight or flight stress, for women, they have a different reaction than for men. ” You just repeat, “I just have to go slow but I’d love to.” O: I love that. O: Yes, exactly what I wanted to do too because I’m very interested about what type of nutrition can help our hormonal balance, our wellbeing, our focus.

But, for both men and women, something does happen which is blood flow stops to the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Also, if you can go and talk a little bit about super foods that are aphrodisiacs.

Men as well, we have our liberation which is follow your heart, the hero’s journey, do what you love, grow your hair out, be a musician, be an artist, stay home with your children. That’s how women can come back to their female side. There are some other things but those are the most powerful. It feels good for yourself, but not because it’s pleasing him. All you have to do is add water and let it sit for 45 minutes. As always, find ways to make a difference and also to be happy. My new book, you can go to Amazon and get it and other online bookstores. I spent many, many years now working on an update on Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. This new approach we’ll talk about today centers around that for sure, but the terrain of relationships has dramatically changed in the last 25 years. Men can be great nurturers and homemakers and so forth. It’s almost like we’re the same, but biologically, we’re not. This is the theme of going Beyond Mars and Venus, it’s to realize that as we let go of traditional roles, traditional relationships where the man had one role and the woman had the other role, the new relationship we’re all formulating now, we can call, I call it, a soulmate relationship. Then you’re body’s going to get the message that you enjoyed it. A man wants a woman who is connected to her feminine and has boundaries and self esteem. If during those five days, her needs are not fulfilled, then for the rest of the month there’s something missing in the relationship. J: I always schedule the dates during the five day window at least, a good day during that time. Tongkat ali is really good particularly for men but also for women to increase libido. I was maybe using my brain too much which happens to people. Anyway, I was able to restore my brain with the super minerals and also amino acids. I have a shake which is unpasteurized dairy and I take the fat out of it so it’s just the proteins. This is mind blowing, reversed my Parkinson’s and it certainly keeps me at 65, keeps me young and vital. J: Definitely for me, my testosterone levels are 25% higher than I was a young man. It’s basically because one is this role reversal which is taking place in retirement. You have to have work to keep your testosterone up but more fun work.Because it’s a relationship, people use that term a lot, it’s always synonymous with unconditional love, it’s synonymous with passion, and being in love. One of the tests I tell women, I said, “Okay, if you’re doing it because you enjoy sex, and you have sex and he never calls back, you can say to yourself, “Boy, I really love that. I don’t need him to call back.” That’s the right time to do it. If they’re also got their relaxed brain, which goes along with lithium orotate. Amino acids are the building block of the brain along with good fats. One for men and one for women because mother’s milk will actually have more of one protein for boys and more of the other protein for girls. More casein for boys because we have a bigger muscle mass and more need for testosterone. It’s already a good drink before but it’s still kind of like heavy food. What they said is if somebody takes any of these protein shakes or drinks or eats eggs or eats steaks or chicken, the body can only utilize about 30% of the protein. That’s how much of simulation you get in the protein. If you just drink it right away, it’s 30% like any other protein shake. J: It is the most delicious because it has the casein in it as well. Because you got the estrogen that gives you the wisdom to do the things that are more enjoyable but you also have to put forth the effort of the male side. One, can you give us three super quick tips to living a stellar life and two, where can people find you? If you don’t want to go out with a girlfriend although, “Hey, look I’ve got friends.There, we can do biological tests and this has been done. The way that looks, practically speaking, is some people are just going to be more independent and some people are going to be more dependent. Whatever you’re suppressing, one side or the other, you’re going to be stressed. At the same time, we all have limitations as human beings. When women are healthy and happy, men’s testosterone levels will be at least 10 times higher, quite often 30 times higher. It has a lot to do with the man’s own genetic type. In indigenous tribes where they have a different lifestyle, men’s testosterone levels never drop. The stresses that women are experiencing today, I’ve been doing this 40 years, I see their stresses are very different. We have this monkey brain that’s programmed and conditioned that reacts to stuff.

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What we have between men and women, biologically speaking, a universal principle that’s true around the globe is that if a man is healthy, he has a libido, he has well being, he’s not depressed and he’s not angry.

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