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And since the Degrassi cast replies to their fans a lot it seems to lure people into the sense that these people aren't actor they're your friends. For me it's one thing if they want to go public: watching Chloe and Sam tweet back and forth is really cute.But it can also get to the point where people start completely disregarding the cast's privacy.So Chloe and Spencer had a live-chat on Saturday night and someone said they liked Chloe because she was dating Smearle.I really wish I had a gif of her reaction because it was the perfect mixture of amusement and disappointment.What isn’t cool is hacking our castmember’s real private facebook accounts, hotmail, twitter or making fake accounts of everyone to get our personal information.

or somewhere) once I get them all cropped and resized. It's kind of strange to be a fan of the original DTNG actors as the episodes premiered, follow the online fandom, see their personal photos leaked from facebook etc, and know that they for the most part fought to keep a part of their private lives private. And I don't blame them; we're just a different group that grew up during a different time.Just a random ramble about how things are so different with the original DTNG For some reason I've always seen the Degrassi actors as actors and not celebs.They go to regular schools, they're out and about in Toronto, and so it just seemed like they weren't going to be treated like celebs either.Recently Melinda made a post on her tumblr after someone hacked into a new cast member's email and facebook account: Minderella takes the world, Not cool I like to think that the Degrassi cast posts enough personal photos to share with everyone.I even made this tumblr to have a more laid back tone than my twitter.

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So when AJ does a live chat it kinda makes up for it. Re the Degrassi cast and social networking sites: Yes, I think it is a sense of entitlement.

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