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“I was constantly standing behind something,” she says, laughing. I probably get more stressed out or nervous about it. The camera guys get really into it and all the directors have gotten into it, [finding] a justifiable reason for me to be behind this thing.” She jokes, “Either it’s part of the scene, or ‘Oh, that makes sense that Amy would be studying a huge binder.’ So it’s been really creative and really fun.” Adding to the lighthearted vibe was her costar and on-screen love interest Andy Samberg.“A few times, when I’ve gone up on a line or at the end of the scene before they’ve said cut, Andy will just look down and scream at my belly or something as if Jake’s all of a sudden seeing a belly there,” Fumero says. When I started watching, it was people like Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz and Phil Hartman, and then Mike Myers came in and obviously "Wayne’s World" was huge for me.And then the next wave that impacted me the most was [Adam] Sandler, [Chris] Farley, [David] Spade and Chris Rock.“I could have eaten an entire chicken, and three hours later I was starving, like clockwork. ” After the initial shock passed, a Pea in the Pod-clad Fumero admits excitement set in.“I had to wrap my head around it rather quickly, but I’m looking forward to it,” she says.So I was just excited because it was Sunday and I hadn’t seen it since we had aired and I was like, "Oh, I get to watch it again." And that was You Tube. And over the next week, as it became kind of a news story, everybody discovered the video and a lot of people discovered You Tube through the video. 1 thing on You Tube, but the numbers were not like, obviously, what they are today.

“My husband and I are both active people, and so I think it’s going to be really fun to do all the stuff that we already like to do with him, like teach him how to surf and go hiking.” Since her character, police detective Amy Santiago, isn’t pregnant on the hit show, sharp-eyed viewers may have noticed that Fumero was expecting by the way the show creatively found ways to shoot around her midsection over the past several episodes.

TACCONE: So this was the beginning of wanting to see every week how popular something was, because for the first time I think we could quantify the popularity of something we had done in digital hits and downloads.

MICHAELS: And then NBC had the classic NBC reaction: [It] sued You Tube.

And also it wasn’t a huge risk because we weren’t spending a lot of money.

"Lazy Sunday" cost the amount of whatever we spent on videotape and taxi rides to the Upper West Side to go to a theater — cheaper than building sets for a sketch by far.

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LORNE MICHAELS, executive producer: I guarantee you that Andy wanted to be Sandler.

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