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Building on previous work in which he had reshaped the National Resident Matching Program, which matches medical-school graduates with hospital internships, Roth devised an algorithm that would help match willing kidney donors to compatible recipients with whom they had no other connection.That system became the cornerstone of one of the country’s first kidney exchange clearinghouses.So I would like to see some organized effort in that direction, which would also give us some information about the elasticity of supply.I got into this by trying to understand why it’s against the law everywhere to buy and sell kidneys.Uber is a matching market between travelers and drivers. When you see something that’s against the law everywhere in the world, at least, it makes me suspect that there’s something we don’t understand.Approaching this problem is going to be something different than explaining slower and louder and simpler that transactions between consenting adults improve welfare on both sides.Stanford University’s Alvin Roth is a very rare thing: An economist who saves lives.The co-recipient of the 2012 economics Nobel got his prize, in part, for helping to fix a long-standing problem with the market for kidney donations.

So there are things that used to be okay that are now not so okay.Doctors used to be hired two years before graduation and that’s eventually one of the things that eventually led to the centralized clearinghouse for doctors [in the US], the National Resident Matching Program.A guy who is doing really interesting work on financial markets is Eric Budish at the University of Chicago.And when you start looking around with those glasses on you see quite a few.One that is dramatically changing in our time is same-sex marriage.

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So there might be; legalizing divorce presumably made it easier to have shorter relationships and to get out of unhappy marriages.

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