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The theatre found that 20 cases of alleged “inappropriate behaviour” took place between 19, with all but two falling before 2009.

“In all but one case, those individuals alleging inappropriate behaviour by Kevin Spacey did not come forward at the time or asked that no formal action be taken,” per a Thursday release to media.

actor Anthony Rapp alleged that when he was 14 years old, Kevin Spacey assaulted him at a party at his apartment in Manhattan.

According to Rap, Spacey came into a bedroom, drunk, where Rapp was watching TV, and proceeded to pick him up, place him on the bed and lay on top of him.

Spacey apologized and said he doesn't remember it happening.

Randall says he suffered most of the abuse (which continued for four years), and Julie also endured beatings until she ran away at 18. RELATED: 5 Cringey Facts About Ronda Rousey’s Husband Travis Browne"He was so determined to try to avoid the whippings that he just minded his Ps and Qs until there was nothing inside," Randall said.

"He had no feelings."The family moved 10 times and Randall claims they were never allowed to have friends in the house for fear the other children would see Thomas Fowler's office, which was lined with photos of naked men and women.

He also came out in the same statement on Twitter, saying he will now live openly as a gay man. In light of these accusations, the Daily Mail released a 2004 interview with Spacey's older brother Randall Fowler who said that he — along with Spacey and an older sister Julie — were brought up by a Nazi father who sexually abused and brutalized them for years.

The actor was also accused of sexually assaulting an unknown relative of former U. The abuse was so bad, that the children reportedly called their father "The Creature".

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“The Old Vic is now actively engaged in the process of healing and the process of prevention.” “These allegations have been a shock and a disturbing surprise to many of us.

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