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Summary At Kwanghee Academy, senior high school student Choi Minho is a standout student and athlete who is loved by everyone at his school.Lee Taemin, the new junior high school student at Kwanghee Academy, is just as smart as Minho and is a dancing/singing sensation.

But Hyuna’s overwhelming popularity has also led to her facing some incredibly harsh criticism for her (viewed as) “slutty” persona.

But Taemin’s fears are dark, painful and difficult for him to forget.

He will not make it easy for Minho to get to know him or get close to him.

I hope with her considerable talent that when and if she decides to move in another direction that she directly controls, she will reach even greater success. Realistically in kpop, the industry doesn’t create the opportunity for artists to create a singular statement as an artist — they will always be controlled by their label and the industry as a whole.

She is appearing at a showcase at SXSW Music this year, so she may get buzz in the U. So regardless of gender, it is difficult for any kpop star to break out of the box.

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