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That problem isn’t unique to submarines, and sailors have been charged by the Navy with similar offenses aboard other types of ships, as well.This past year the USS Michigan in Bangor, Wash., became the first submarine to integrate enlisted women into its crew, and the Navy is recruiting more women to serve on ballistic missile subs like it.

All officers aboard the John Warner share the same bathroom, which includes one shower, one toilet and one sink.

When Target announced last year that its retail stores were welcoming “guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” many people pointed out that this was a dangerous policy that would end up hurting people, especially women and children.

Well, apparently, a woman’s privacy was violated by a man who entered the changing room in a Texas Target store.

The Navy says there were no infrastructure changes needed to accommodate female officers on any of its classes of submarines.

For enlisted women, modifications will be made to Ohio-class ballistic-missile and Virginia-class attack submarines during scheduled maintenance downtime.

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