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“You will certainly value it more when you’ve finished because you don’t have it.

There are a few horror stories with high-profile players going bankrupt and, of course, they have no chance of recouping that money again. It’s done.” A player who waits until he retires before planning his future is likely to face problems.

“Only the top Premier League players can really say they are secure for life.

There are around 4,000 professional players (in the UK) but only a small percentage of those are millionaires.

You have to plan for life after football in case things change.” Many players take the natural step into management or coaching in order to extend their paid involvement in football and harness the skills and experience they have acquired during their career.

But for the overwhelming majority, it is simply a way to pay the bills, mortgage and school fees when the monthly pay packet ceases to arrive.They would have to be a manager or in big business.Even the Prime Minister (£142,000) doesn’t earn much more.8am: Wakes up in a revolving four-poster bed in the east wing of his nine-bedroom mansion, strolls down the spiral staircase to feed the rare tropical fish in his 10ft aquarium, then tucks into a decadent breakfast freshly prepared for him and his model wife by their resident chef, Carlo.9.30am: Work done for the day, returns home to wallow in his Olympic-sized heated swimming pool, thrash balls around his bespoke snooker table which has his old shirt number elegantly woven into the baize, and work through his favourite box set on the 98-inch 4K TV in his soundproofed cinema room.

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Other top players who have gone bankrupt include former England goalkeeper David James, who earned an estimated £20 million during his career, and Newcastle winger Keith Gillespie, who lost over £7 million.

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