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I got interested in clocks in 1967, and I started collecting watches fairly seriously in the early ‘80s. Pocket watches are a little bit more manageable, and in some ways more interesting, too.I collect precision clocks, clocks that are very accurate timekeepers, and marine chronometers; things like that.I think they were surprised at how heavy they had to make the machinery and it took them a few years to work all that out, but by the early 1870s, the watches that were being made at Waltham were winning all of the prizes around the world for the best watches. They were still making them by hand in Europe until then, and then a fellow from Switzerland came over to our centennial exposition in 1876 and saw the Waltham watches being made by machinery.He went back to Switzerland and tried to persuade the Swiss to do that.

That, plus a couple of wars where the Swiss didn’t fight and we did, essentially finished off the American watch industry.

It took quite a few years to persuade them, but a couple of Americans went over there and set up factories, and then the Swiss reports said that the machinery was the way to go.

The Swiss developed a very similar style of making watches by machine, but not with large factories like the Americans had.

So Waltham was the first, as I said, then Elgin was formed, and then the Illinois Watch Company, and then there were Hampden and Hamilton.

So at the peak, I think there were 20 American watch companies.

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The Pitkin watches used some machinery and were a first stab at doing it, but they didn’t do it all that well, so it didn’t really take off, and one of them went insane trying and killed himself.

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