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Knowing what to expect can make the difference in the relationship.This article reveals the real reasons why most older women seek out younger women to date.It is true....there are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of older guys who are only interested in younger women.Instead of debunking this idea I am simply going to shed some light and help you to understand how circumvent it.Although most men of course prefer the looks or bodies of women in their twenties, we would still love to fuck those same women well into their forties - assuming they take care of themselves.On a few occasions I was dating women who were older by six to ten years, and really enjoyed their beauty and company.those in my age-range) to be aging with her, so that I won't be constantly reminded of the sacrifice I made to be with her - even if it was one I know was worth it.

And I'd like to believe I'm neither of those things, so I’m not even going to try.

It tapers out slowly and often quite gracefully - far more slowly than it arises in a girl's late teens.

The rate of the decline is obviously affected by her genetics and lifestyle, but it is also largely a function of how willing she is to accept that decline gracefully.

Older women are more internally attractive than younger women.

Older women have miles more personality than younger women.

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