Updating iphone after jailbreak

Or there's any doubt about the i Phone's security (on which subject more in a moment), especially if it's being used on work's networks, or to store, send or use business-critical data.

It's a slightly different scenario with friends and family.

It's easy to understand the jailbreakers' frustration.

On the Mac you can pretty much do whatever you want to customise your day-to-day experience with the hardware.

'Although you might be breaking Apple's terms and conditions and voiding your warranty, I just can't see how a judge would rule against it.'" While your jailbroken i Phone isn't going to blow up in your hand - or break the whole internet - it may not work exactly the way you'd like.

We cannot wholeheartedly recommend jailbreaking, and as a rule we wouldn't do it to our own phones.

Another reason to back up your i Phone is that you will need to be able to restore to its non-jailbroken state if you ever need to take your i Phone into an Apple Store to have it repaired.

Whatever you do, make sure you back up your i Phone's data before you start just in case something goes wrong.

You should always be on the alert for malware attacks.

Even when things seems to working smoothly, it's important to be security-conscious.

With a jailbroken phone you can install software from a rival to the App Store, and also manually using files downloaded from the internet. i Phones (like all mobile phones) that are sold as part of a contract are often locked to a particular network.

This means that if you buy an i Phone from O2, for example, you have to use an O2 SIM card in it. Unlocking the i Phone turns it from an i Phone that can only work on the O2 network to one that can work on any network.

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