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There are two ways into the mansion, the most obvious being through the front door.

An easy way to get from the garden to the front door is to blink up to the roof, which leads to a platform right next to the balcony above the door.

He can jump down into the hole, and there is a switch that he can use to close the door behind him so that he will not be found when the witches come searching for him.

In the crypt Daud will find a few tripwires in the hallway.

Two witches patrol the patio below and can be easily taken out from the window.

It is closed off from the rest of the building, but if Daud climbs to the floor above, he will find a chest along with a few notes and books.

It is here that he will find a page from an old book containing a Granny Rags challenge.

In the graveyard is a mausoleum with a broken lever.

Daud can find a note nearby, saying that one of the witches hid it and the key to the manor, so if Daud wishes, he can search for the missing items.

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