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Unless "right to travel" proponents can come up with a later Supreme Court ruling that states otherwise, their claims are busted. 856 (1975)A few of the above cases were found in a somewhat inflammatory and dated but comprehensive publication, Idiot Legal Arguments.

And we have one less-impressive but telling quote from a lower federal district court: Wells v. We picked out the relevant federal cases, but many more high-level State cases can be found there, too, if you're interested.

In pseudo-legal circles, "right to travel" means the supposed right to "travel freely in your private property / automobile / conveyance on the public roads / highways without a driver's license, insurance or registration and exempt from regulation or interruption provided one does not engage in commerce / earn profit or cause harm to people or property."Absolute freedom! All 50 States, through their legislatures consisting of the people's elected representatives, have seen fit to devise and enact their own traffic codes and police them.

There wasn't always legislation displacing the common law.

There actually isn't a whole lot at the federal level because appeals beyond State courts are often denied as it has long been accepted by the federal government that traffic regulation is a proper exercise of State police power.

Federal courts uphold the ability of States to regulate road traffic provided it is done so with equality, reasonableness and for public safety and doesn't violate any federal laws or rights.

The priorities of police and prosecuting attorneys vary.

The law is what it is, though, and when you understand it you know in the long run you're looking for trouble if you don't obey it.

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The universal practice is to register ownership of automobiles and to license their drivers.

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