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) with Champagne to celebrate the fact that the publication of their book is back on.Bill hands her a teacup, tells her she can drink it on her own, and bolts out the door, saying he’s going to an AA meeting. It’s okay for the storytelling not to explicitly remind us of this every four minutes.Helen even describes a dream she had about her parents grudgingly accepting her sexuality by blowing her a kiss. Helen’s baby is breech and needs a C-section, and she’s had a terrible headache all day, and she bled a lot when her water broke, but Barton just smiles and says everything’s under control, even as he’s banishing Betty to the waiting room to sit and brood.Betty something’s wrong, but there’s nothing she can do about it.Helen Baby – Staff Writer The oldest staff member on Plus XP, I first picked up a controller in 1989.The game was Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles on the NES, and I didn’t like it much…

Helen smiles, beatifically, and asks for Betty to come in and sit with her as Barton stitches her up. It’s not quite so abrupt as all that; actually, it’s really milked for all its worth. There are plenty of stories to tell about Betty that don’t involve her domestic or romantic life.

The dark four-part drama came to an epic conclusion earlier this week after keeping viewers hooked for weeks.

In The Dark had followed DI Helen Weeks, played My Anna Buring, as she dealt with major dramas both at home and at work.

She can’t even be in the operating room during the procedure.

(At least Barton takes pains to point out that a husband would be excluded from the OR, too.) Bravely, Helen whispers, “Sweet Pea and I have everything under control.” Betty’s so frazzled she calls Bill for advice, which is saying something, since he’s not exactly a soothing presence.

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