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Are you looking for a wealthy partner or someone interested in meeting a millionaire?

Millionaire counts doctors, lawyers, CEOs, Hollywood celebrities, and professional models amongst its exclusive clientele.

Lisa, pictured with past-life regression expert Nicolas Aujula, first started focusing on the appearance of her vagina following the end of her as she started dating younger men and felt self-conscious Lisa, who works as a dating coach, says it's the ideal solution for combating vaginal dryness, tightness and elasticity that become more apparent with ageing.

I have tried it over period of time and it has worked for me, it genuinely makes a difference.'Speaking after being steamed and while the lotion was on for the recommended 10-15 minute period, Abigail said: 'To be perfectly honest, I'm feeling slightly warm where I'm not usually - so it's certainly doing something.'Kelly Marie Speed agreed, she wrote: 'I had to look @ this post twice! 'It's not the first time This Morning have broadcast risque features relating to usually private matters - they have previously broadcast footage of a woman having a smear test and a man having a rectal examination for prostate cancer.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re seriously starting to miss Holly Willoughby.

But we have to admit we’re thoroughly enjoying Christine Bleakley’s impeccable sartorial displays which have got our tongues wagging (and mouths drooling) here at Fashion Finder HQ.

When I was dating my first 'cub' or younger man I looked downstairs to realise it was bit wrinkly and dry compared to when I was younger.

She mixed up the potion - which she said has been developed by 'trial and error' using herself as the 'guinea pig' - on today's This Morning while being interviewed by an intrigued Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley.

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As one of the original dating sites for wealthy singles, Millionaire Match has built a strong community of quality subscribers and developed a service that provides an easy and enjoyable experience for meeting new people.

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