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Skype isn’t disappearing anytime soon as an ad-hoc candidate interviewing platform.

But if you plan to use Skype as a legitimate recruiting system when your company’s hiring needs take off, you’ll soon find that the popular video chat app cracks under pressure.

Don’t discount the flexibility or time savings offered to applicants with on-demand interviews either.

When they have to schedule a live video interview with another company, they’ll be grateful.

Why Video Interviews Are Vital to SMB Recruiting Success Where Skype Falls Short for Recruiters The Benefits of Dedicated Video Interviewing Software Next Steps For many small businesses, video interviews are seen as a one-off need; a tool locked in a glass box labeled “BREAK ONLY WHEN CANDIDATE CAN’T COME TO OFFICE!Instead of only using them on an as-needed basis, you can use video interviews for every job vacancy between the resume screening and in-person interview stages.This allows you and your team to assess candidates face-to-face, either live or asynchronously, and further shorten the list of applicants you want to interview on-site—a process which requires mitigating multiple schedules to find a time that works, reserving space and so on.” Using this method sparingly makes sense if recruiting resources are limited, or if you rarely hire outside of your local area (if you’re even hiring at all). Whether you’re planning to expand production in your current location, open a second store or dominate the global market in your industry, growth is inevitable and an important part of running a small business.As your business grows, and the number of applications and positions needing to be filled increases, video interviewing becomes a more integral step in the candidate vetting process—even for applicants who live right down the street.

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Gartner Analyst Jeff Freyermuth explains the benefits of such a system in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Software (available for Gartner clients): “Video recruiting solutions can improve recruiter and hiring manager productivity, as well as better utilize the resources involved in the interview process.

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