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This is the law referred to in the familiar "FBI Warning" that appears at the beginning of most DVD movies. Many people who consider themselves upstanding citizens and who would never post music and movies to a P2P site think nothing of burning a copy of a song or TV show for a friend.

Unfortunately, by the letter of the law, the latter is just as illegal as the former.

The FBI is investigating to determine whether any criminal laws were broken.

Because the school district owned the computers, there is controversy over whether they had the right to remotely access them without the permission of the users.

Several years ago, a California sheriff's deputy made the news when he declared Pringles can antennas illegal under such a statute.

Stalking is a serious crime and certainly all of us are in favor of laws that punish stalkers.

Many states have criminal laws that prohibit accessing any computer or network without the owner's permission.

For example, in Texas, the statute is Penal Code section 33.02, Breach of Computer Security.

There are some exemptions, such as circumventing copy protection of programs that are in an obsolete format for the purpose of archiving or preservation. Prior to this act, copyright violations were generally treated as civil matters and could not be prosecuted criminally unless it was done for commercial purposes.This treaty is still in negotiation between the United States, European Commission, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.The most recent round of negotiations took place in Mexico in January 2010, and the next is scheduled for April 2010 in New Zealand.The federal law that covers unauthorized access is Title 18 U. But it applies to "protected computers," which are defined as those used by the U. government, by a financial institution, or used in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce.In addition to fines and imprisonment, penalties include forfeiture of any personal property used to commit the crime or derived from proceeds traceable to any violation. In a recent case regarding unauthorized access, a high profile lawsuit was filed against a school district in Pennsylvania by students who alleged that district personnel activated their school-issued laptops in their homes and spied on them with the laptops' webcams.

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