Carbon dating mathematical modelling

Finally, optimal interval values for each input parameters are determined for the wind tunnel test matrix.As a result, number of runs in the test matrix was significantly reduced.Once the relation between the nominal vehicle trajectory and corresponding risk level is defined, a suitable multi-objective optimization process is developed, searching for the optimum solutions that minimize path length and risk, the latter being constrained below a prescribed maximum admissible value.Eventually, the candidate optimum paths are visualized and evaluated within a virtual console, developed and addressed in terms of a cloud architecture.Therefore, determination and mitigation of the risk they can represent to people in the event of a ground impact is a key point for the development of UAV regulations in the civil airspace.

Manufacturers spend large amounts of money on product quality issues such as parts not fitting together properly, scrap, and rework.

A link between CAD geometry and FEA tools is established to drive design via analysis and enable multi-disciplinary design optimisation.

The implementation of the framework has been driven by aero engine project needs and priorities, following an agile software development approach.

Launch configurations such as ground launch, balloon launch and airborne launch to orbit are considered for different class of satellites and for different orbit altitudes; the analysis is focused on minimizing the booster’s initial mass once set the payload.

When considering a balloon, a trade-off is required in order to evaluate properly the altitude to be reached from the balloon and the mass it has to lift off.

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Simulation-driven design and process automation are key enablers to speed up engineering design processes and improve the quality of the final design.

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