Lebanese men and dating

"There are no boys here anymore so you can pick and choose," Manasski said as he surveyed the scene at a trendy nightclub in Beirut's downtown area one recent evening.

-- There's pressure on women to marry before 30 -- "The problem is that first they (the women) want a serious relationship and then a month later they want to get married especially if they know that you live in a Persian Gulf country," he said.

Beirut, December 23, 2008 - As hordes of bachelors return home to Lebanon for the holiday season, young women who far outnumber their male counterparts in this tradition-bound country are angling for the perfect partner.

"This is the time when many young men come back for the holidays and the women want to find that catch," said Samir Khalaf, professor of sociology and head of the Centre for Behavioral Research at the American University of Beirut.

That makes for tough competition among women as they try to find their Prince Charming."And the men figure that since there are so many women around, why should they get married." Khalaf said that in addition to being expected to conform with tradition and marry at a young age, Lebanese women now face the added pressure of having to join the work force."They live in a culture where they are supposed to be educated, to work and be pretty," Khalaf said."They have to be sexually attractive but not sexually active and they will do anything to grab a guy's attention.I have lived in Lebanon for almost three years yet I still feel I am discovering new things every day.

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