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Don't be intimidated going into this section even if the software may give you dire warnings not to (they don't like service calls if you mess up).While you'll see lots of scary numbers and acronyms on these pages, what you'll be looking for is actually pretty simple -- the channel.So now you want to make sure that your Wi-Fi devices are now receiving at this new channel.Go around the house with your phone, laptop -- anything that depends on Wi-Fi -- and make sure you've got reception.To do this, you download a free bit of software called a Wi-Fi "sniffer" that uses your own Wi-Fi router to detect where the nearby traffic jam is occurring.

Obviously, each router company's products are different and use their own software, but it doesn't matter which brand you own, the concept remains the same. In most up to date models, you'll see a tab or menu item for "Advanced Settings" or some such label.

You and your neighbor's Wi-Fi networks are separated by a password (and tiny differences in frequencies), but their Wi-Fi radio waves are on the same frequencies yours are. Most people think lousy Wi-Fi at home is something they just have to live with, like bad cell phone reception.

Some of them go out and buy a "better" Wi-Fi router, which is never a bad thing, but for many homes, it's an unnecessary expense. It transmits signals on 11 usable "channels," appropriately named one through eleven.

Ironically, the worst interference could easily be coming from your neighbors and their Wi-Fi networks.

This is especially true in multi-unit dwellings like condos, townhouses and apartments, where perhaps dozens of other Wi-Fi networks are constantly operating nearby.

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