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Also see Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador. Also valuable for those interested in south coast families is Dr.

Litchman’s index of the 1921 census for Burgeo-La Poile, available in Kindle format at Amazon.

From this vantage point there is a beautiful view of the city.

A historic lighthouse as well as a teahouse can also be examined before heading onto the trail, which ascends steeply to roughly the same elevation as Signal Hill on the opposite side of the 'Narrows' a term referring to the last narrow section of the Harbour before the open sea.

They wish to follow a well marked path that extends into the forest away from the coast.

Unfortunately, no one remembered to bring an ECTA map, so we part company.

Also note the GPS data attached is a route, not a track log, so the actual trail will be somewhat different. Two small ponds are soon in view and make fine swimming holes on a hot day.

One of the ponds is actually an artificial reservoir formed by a wooden dam, built for a coal power generation facility (now defunct) located near the trail head at the bottom of the hill.

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