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Living up to the expectations that other authors and the public had put on him caused a strain, ultimately leading up to his lack of inspiration and writer’s block.

It’s been two years since he’s published something else and as the days pile up, the stress upon the man builds even more.

“It’s been a rough morning.”Hana nodded, the girl silently understanding your annoyance.“You’ll be fine,” she smiled.

“We’ve got a guest speaker coming today so we won’t have to do much work, thank god.”Her words set you at ease, your shoulders slumping back into relaxation when you realize that you were able to sit back and enjoy today’s class without having to scribble endless nothings onto paper like usual.

Hana giggles as she watched you sink back, her head shaking as she turns back towards the front.“I feel you on that one, (Y/N).”Your gaze scans around the room, eyes falling on the different pairs and groups that littered around the class as they talked amongst themselves.

Here are some of Tumblr's best and worst features: 1. There are blogs dedicated to everything from TV characters to flowers, to food to sh*t-posts. You can use tags or suggested blogs to find stuff you're interested in following; the more you follow, the more posts will show up on your dashboard. Tons of memes and jokes and text posts become popular through Tumblr, to the point where there are many Facebook pages and Instagram accounts that are dedicated to posts made on Tumblr.

Countless nights and days are filled with him staring blankly at the blank document occupying his screen, his brain completely empty of anything he could remotely use as an idea to run with.

His methods of writing have seemed to fail him this time around, and now he’s stuck with nothing – and he hates it.

All of his life he had his nose buried in books, the man opting to study up on writing techniques and broadening his craft as opposed to going out with his friends and experiencing the things most kids his age would have.

Sure, he’s kissed a few people, but that’s the extent of any form of intimate contact he’s come encountered with.

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Pros: easy to edit/design and many people are on it (though not as much as Wordpress) therefore making it the prime target audience for my blog and me.

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  1. But the operation isn’t yet complete, because you could still make the mistake of texting him too quickly that you’ve had a great time. If he had a great time, he’ll be in touch to let you know.