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"You were louder than most of the people who don't know Shawn personally," Cameron remarks, grinning sheepishly. "No kidding, I'm sweating to death." "Wanna take a walk around outside? "Cameron just left, but he's coming back." He nods, stepping outside the door and letting it close behind him before stepping across the cracked concrete to get to his truck, where he loaded his guitar in the backseat. "I came to your concert to support you," he groans, glaring at Shawn. Shawn looks up from the ground, directing his answer to you instead of Cameron. "I know that now," Shawn acknowledges quietly, shutting his car door and avoiding your gaze all the way to the stage door. Shawn just texted Jack, and said it could be a while before he makes it out, with the meet and greet and all," he reasons. "I'll be here." He gives you one last glance before following Matt around the building, allowing you to realize just how quiet the night is when no one is around to make conversation with, or at least fill your mind with something. He was only a silhouette with the light behind him, but you recognized his voice right away. He was sweating all down the sides of his face, and his dark red t-shirt had become an even darker shade. "And you start flirting with my girlfriend the second I turn my back? " "That it was okay to tell your friend's girlfriend that you're into her? You slap his shoulder, your eyes unable to leave Shawn's. "No, he needs to understand that what he did was wrong." "I do understand," Shawn chokes back the tears welling up in his eyes. You and Cam bought t-shirts with Shawn's face on them and a ton of glow sticks, headbands, and face paint just to show off how big of fans you were. Maybe he goes crazy after shows and forgets stuff, you weren't sure. I am into you though, just a little." You ease into a smile. "But -" "She's not interested," a voice says loudly from around the corner, making you and Shawn both jump.Shawn was insanely good, and after the show, you were exhausted from all the screaming and jumping you did. You turn around to see Cam walking towards you, not looking very happy. "I thought you liked me." "Well she doesn't," Cameron says quickly.

All in all, the pair mostly joked about the speculation their friendship was under last year. ' And then we had lunch the next day, and here we are getting engaged." So it appears they were never more than friends — even if the rumor mill declared it otherwise.

Bethenny explained that she first met Eric at a "douchey, Hollywood industry party" and he added that Bethenny "had no idea" he was straight in real life, considering his character Cam is gay. " From there, it does sound like there was some light flirting. You can check out their whole (humorous) exchange, below.

Turns out Eric was not familiar with "the queen of reality TV" either. "I came over to you and I tapped you and said, 'Why are you talking to these guys?

"I'm not confirming or denying anything because I decided that I'm not doing that," she said.

"But I have been dating and I have been having a great time. I have enjoyed dating." Frankel added, "I will tell you that I am not in a serious relationship at all right now. It's great for her to get on the acting radar and say she's dating actors so she can jump up.

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