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Also works in area where there is only a few places in your house where you get decent reception.Put your cell on charge near a window or wherever you have reception and use the cordless headsets when you are home. You can Import your phone directory to the cordless phone.THANK YOU Signal less in Minnesota repeater or booster you don't use your phones antenna.Mildly late to the party but there seems to be some misinformation in this thread, not entirely the poster(s) fault either.We Boost and Hi Booost look most promising and right now I'm let's say negotiating with both companies on best solution for my office.I'll let you know how it goes Single stationary boosters can be purchased for under 0.signal repeaters (which i think is what you looked at) are good at providing a signal in the general area provided they have a signal themselves. i'm at the very edge of a deadzone myself and besides what i said above there isnt much to do about it.if you have zero signal the repeater will have zero signal. every phone company has this as a dead zone as well.

Sprint gets an excellent signal here, and I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to switch. I don't know if this has been solved or not, but I had the same issue.Basically a microcell can broadcast a signal further depending on the booster used but on average they do, but it's not using legit cell signal, it's just creating a cell signal from the device, which is then routed through your home internet. No signal areas could be totally dead and zero signal at all however with signal so close to you it's unlikely, when using a signal repeater or booster you don't use your phones antenna.They generally come with a high gain antenna which can pull signal in much further away than your typical cell phone can.I will gladly welcome any and all help on boosters, antennas, etc..Sprint gets an excellent signal here, and I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to switch. the antenna-like devices you put in phones generally do not work.

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