We are updating a field in sql and alter

Go ahead and post any you feel are interesting or just plain funny in the comments of this post.The more time I spend on that site the more terms I find I was overlooking.I sometimes even go to the site just to look for entertaining technical concepts, like the “Cactus Stack”, “Stooge Sort” or even “Big-O Notation”.Have fun with the big words but please only use them for good or at least funny evil.

The exception to this process is if the index is on an ever increasing value, like an identity column, then the fill factor is automatically 100.

What I can offer is a great resource to understand what people are saying and maybe even have some fun with them/me.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, maintains a Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures.

This means that setting the fill factor to 50% will lead to twice as many reads to get the same data.

Even a more reasonable number like 90% would have a 20% performance penalty on all reads.

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