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Today it is cooperative. — Every morning during homeroom, our school’s TV station delivers announcements, plays highlights, broadcasts special features, etc. Today’s selections include Nick Jonas’s “Jealous” and DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean.” The synth beats are most unwelcome before 8 AM on a Monday morning. — “Salvete omnes…” So I begin every class, always to be met with a chorus of “Salve, magister.” This is one of my Latin 1 classes.(I have two, but one group had some Latin last year, while another started this year.) Because of a grade-wide field trip and some scheduling quirks last week, I haven’t seen this group of students since the previous Wednesday.I hope that next year I’ll be able to reuse many of the handouts I’ve made this year. — Head home. — After getting home and making dinner, I get back to work for another hour and half.I write a test I’ll give on Thursday (Latin 3) and search online for websites that will be useful for a future project on ancient vases. — Bed. — Wake up. — Get to school later than usual after stopping at the pharmacy.To help students realize that they should expect an infinitive after the verb , I ask them to make English statements using the word “begin.” After a few examples we get to, “John begins to put on his shirt.” Fortunately, John’s shirt has not been removed, so he has no reason to begin to put it on. — I catch the clock and realize I’m only halfway through my nearly 4-hour-long block of teaching.

I’m always paired with at least one other teacher, and we cover for each other as one of us goes to make copies.

Wind down class with some Quizlet, a favorite of my students.

It’s the rare day when none of my classes asks if we can play Quizlet (whether it helps students memorize vocabulary, I’m still trying to determine). Today we have Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, choices influenced by the fact that the freshmen class is reading .

When another teacher shows up to my classroom, which is usually unoccupied during this period, I learn I have been displaced for the week because of AP tests, a mild inconvenience in terms of prepping. — Another free period…and it’s time for second breakfast/lunch!

Now’s probably a good time to explain my schedule: it’s very unbalanced, frequently with multiple free periods to start the day, then a big block of four or five consecutive classes to end the day.

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He works at a single-sex private school in the Northeast United States. — I usually get up around this time, or fifteen minutes earlier if I am walking the dog in the morning.

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