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With the right style, color and embellishments, it can serve as the main focal point of a room.Eye-catching details like hand painting, latticework and patinated hardware are up to your personal taste.Description Although considered a relic of the by-gone era before built-in closets were a given, vintage armoires and wardrobes remain the fastest way to chic in our book.Dashingly tall, a used armoire or used wardrobe adds instant sophistication to a room.The biggest polyglot nationally was part of Alameda County, California, which had 27 languages spoken at homes. In parts of Texas, only half of the students are from immigrant-led homes, but as much as 90 percent of the households speak languages other than English at home. Camarota said, is that even as the number of children of immigrants rises, the tax bases don’t grow as quickly because immigrant families tend to have lower incomes than native-born families.

Twenty years later, whites are 40 percent of the student population, while Hispanics have more than doubled to 24 percent, Asians have risen to 19 percent and blacks have held nearly steady at 10 percent. Over the past two decades, costs of the diversity have emerged.

In this March 11, 2017, photo, a volunteer teacher erases the board after her English lesson after teaching Christian Burmese refugees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

An Associated Press analysis suggests that the people hurt most by President Donald Trump’s planned ... The Virginia neighborhood of Fairfax County ranks with parts of those other cities as having the highest percentage of children from immigrants in its public schools, with 78 percent of students coming from immigrant households, according to a report that the Center for Immigration Studies is releasing Thursday.

”That has long been a question in the immigration debate, particularly in the Annandale region, which also includes Bailey’s Crossroads and Culmore.

President Clinton, launching his race initiative in 1997, highlighted the surrounding Fairfax County as a model for integration.

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