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Cable box is set up in Myth TV as a Motorola DCT 6200 using a Broadcast connection.I don't subscribe HBO or other premium channels but HD channels like ESPN and Discovery come in fine.I had to modify 6200ch to work with it, I also added the option to power it on and off. Working great in Broadcast mode (P2P works just not as solid).The only channel I've come across that wont function is Comedy Central HD (SD works fine).

However, for both firewire chipsets, the box seems to require periodic firewire reset & stabilization using (firewire_tester).Note: With the availability of Cable Card tuners in the US, most users will likely want to choose that route instead of Firewire for direct capture.This does not apply to Canada where Cable Card units are not required to be supported by cable companies.Mythbuntu 9.04 2:0.21.0 fixes-22228-openglvdpau2-0ubuntu0 - used patches for /usr/bin/6200ch to compile with DCX3200 support. Working P2P @ 100Mbps and 400Mbps but most of my testing was done with it set 400Mbps. Mythbuntu 9.10 (0.23-fixes)-set up as a DCT-6200 P2P at 400Mbps.Broadcast is only option (no p2p) and the channels that work are so few I'm probably going to buy the HD-PVR. I don't have any premium channels, but all others tested work. Live TV seems to have some instability but regular recordings work a treat. Music choice channels and Encore do not work, I don't subscribe to anything premium. Update: I have since switched to an HD-PVR as the Live TV was too unstable for my liking. Using a VIA PCI firewire card from monoprice and firewire tuner setup as Motorola DCH3200 using P2P at 100Mbps.

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Channel changing works with 6200ch.c, if you pass it the firewire node using the "-g" flag.

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