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Data is collected for a property from the time that you first add it as a Search Console property.Any gaps in verification do not cause any gap in data Search Console represents a site or app that you own.You can request actions on your property such as requesting a recrawl, or view Google Search data for your property, such as Google Search statistics or crawling errors. Every Search Console property requires at least one verified owner, though it can have more.Verification is the process of proving that you own the site or app that you claim to own.We need to confirm ownership because once you are verified for a site or app you have access to its private Google Search data, and can affect how Google Search crawls it.

If verification can no longer be confirmed, your permissions on that property will expire after a certain grace period.

We'll verify that the meta tag exists in the correct location.

If we can't find the tag, we'll give you information about the error we encountered. To verify ownership with an HTML tag, choose the HTML tag method on the verification details page for your site and follow the instructions shown.

New Google Sites pages that you create should automatically appear and be verified in your Search Console account.

If your site doesn't appear automatically on the Search Console home page, click Add a site. Older sites or sites with a custom domain URL should be verified using the HTML tag method.

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