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A print out of his personal ads - plural - complete with dates prior to his request for divorce were all the judge needed to make up his mind as to who he named as the responsible party.] Epilogue, my husband and Jack are now roommates; and the job that once took him away from home 7 days a week by 7 am each day is now neglected while he and Jack play.So for the unsuspecting female that hooks up with either of these two, may you find mercy.In July 2004, for the sake of our daughter, who was born to older parents and loves her father dearly, I allowed him to move back home so that we could raise her together - separately. He met some swivel-hipped honey on the internet at Jake's house [he found Chatcheaters in the history files and became convinced that I was monitoring his every move on the home computer] and spent a week with her.

I've lost the passion and trust I once had for him. What I know is that he and my husband were in this together from day one, which we estimate to have begun in 2001.In our careers, we are both considered formidable, professional women, who have reached the pinnacle of success; and we do not view this as a failure.We loved our husbands; and we have survived and come out of this experience far stronger, wiser and closer friends - and we measure our friendship in decades, which is now at the top of the fourth!Clue 1 - In July 2003 shortly after Jack asked out of the blue for a divorce, she showed me Jack's personal ad and the picture had been taken in my family room, obviously, by my husband.Clue 2- I started searching; and yes, I found evidence, which he AND his mother explained away to a wife and a [close to 50 I must admit] mother who wanted to believe.

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