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The next active segment is indicated by a pointer in the new routing header.The Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) protocol creates a mechanism whereby a series of handlers of an email message can conduct authentication of the email message as it passes among them on the way to its destination, and record the status of that authentication at each step along the handling path, for use by the final recipient in making choices about the disposition of the message.This document specifies a new Network Address Translator (NAT) traversal mode for the Host Identity Protocol (HIP).The new mode is based on the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) methodology and UDP encapsulation of data and signaling traffic.The main difference from the first version is that this version fully conforms to the Network Management Datastore Architecture (NMDA). PIM Sparse-Mode uses a Rendezvous Point and shared trees to forward multicast packets from new sources.Once last hop routers receive packets from a new source, they may join the Shortest Path Tree for the source for optimal forwarding.

A segment can have a semantic local to an SR node or global within an SR domain.SR allows to enforce a flow through any topological path and service chain while maintaining per-flow state only at the ingress node of the SR domain.The Segment Routing architecture can be directly applied to the MPLS dataplane with no change on the forwarding plane.This allows last hop routers to learn about new sources without receiving initial data packets.Segment Routing (SR) leverages the source routing paradigm.

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