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The next Scourge, the next Legion, something else on that level that requires our immediate attention. However, we have no idea what will transpire in future patches for Bf A, or how far they’re going to take the idea of Azeroth herself being injured and bleeding out this Azerite everywhere.

Maybe something or someone will take advantage of the situation while we’re all busy fighting each other? I have a feeling that final boss will be more of an introduction to the next expansion, sort of like Archimonde in Wo D.

The general message I’ve seen in dev interviews so far is not to expect any big revamps for any specs, just tweaks. I didn’t expect Blizzard to devote the resources to pulling this off, but they are.Details here: NA: EU: Devs/status/930554493141315584We've just updated our hotfixes blog post with the latest, including a number of adjustments to Pv P, especially World Pv P: this wowhead comment saying the Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses are only moggable during event.Can you clarify if a helm mogged into them will stay mogged into them after event ends? Devs/status/933096557313867776Our updated hotfixes blog contains the latest changes, including updates to Tier 21 set bonuses from Antorus: Devs/status/933214863207251968With the next weekly maintenance, we're making some adjustments to Shadow Priests to improve their performance in dungeons.Its only purpose is to lead you to Arcanomancer Vridiel. Devs/status/936369672965963776Welcome to the Patch 7.3.5 Public Test Realm!We've shared some details on what you'll see available for testing during this PTR period: NA: EU: Devs/status/938105001716563968We've updated our hotfixes blog post with the latest, including Class, Items, and Pv P hotfixes that are live following weekly maintenance in each region: you PLEASE tell me why I get an armour token as a "bonus" item when my guildies get a reroll with the new Antorus raid mission??

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