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In 1979, the song would be covered by English group, Showaddywaddy and would become one of their most famous songs and their last top twenty hit.

After Christmas, 1974, long time drummer Maurice Walsh left the band to study music and was replaced by Jimmy Walsh, who would in turn be replaced by Tony Newman. David Scott came in on bass along with Gerry Kelly on guitar.

The brothers knew they could make a go of music and quit their day jobs (Ben as a carpenter and Joe as a compositor) and formed The Drifters in 1960 with Ben on Sax and Joe as g Within a year, the band's first change took place when Sean left and the boys traveled to Cootehill to discover Tommy Swarbrigg (trumpet), who at 16 had already been playing with a band called the Jordanaires for two years.

He joined the band and became their main songwriter.

In an article in Spotlight on the 27th of July, it was noted that the split had been a long time in the making.

It became increasingly obvious that the five members who broke away wanted to move in the direction of new bands like the Sands and go strictly pop, while Joe and Ben wished to retain the musical variety of the 60's showband era.

However, within just a few weeks, in mid July, 1968, a real crisis hit the band when Tommy Swarbrigg and the younger members of the band decided it was time for a change in direction and left to form The Times.

Tommy contacted his brother, Jimmy, who was living in London, and he returned to front the new pop band.

In a July 17, 1968 interview in Spotlight, Ben Dolan was quoted as saying that the success of the Sands break from the Miami "may have precipitated the break in the Drifters." Manager Seamus Casey added that the band had been offered a contract in Las Vegas which Ben, Joe and he were not interested in pursuing.

This move left Joe and Ben alone, and they went about rebuilding a new band that would eventually go on to even greater success at home and abroad.

The new band was on the road after less than a month in mid August.

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