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Married in Ireland about 1747-8 James Mc Clurken came to America on the Ship "Lord Dunluce" in 1772, sailed from Larne under Capt. (This not yet proved)4 Baird children fit the requirements. He has a BS in Mathematics from the Colorado School of Mines, where he studied mobile robot navigation for search and rescue applications.He spent five years working at Nomadic Technologies, Inc., a mobile robotics startup in Mountain View, CA, after which he attended Carnegie Mellon University to study computer vision for advanced driver assistance systems and received a MS is Robotics. Thomas Mc Clurken & wife, Jenny to William Glidwell 150 Acres Duncan Creek - land granted to Thomas Cunningham 4/2 1773 to Thomas Mc Clurken 1/27 1780 - land on Saluda River Wit: Frances Lufey, Robert Glidwell, Abraham Myers. Catherine Mc Clurken(11 children) 1762 in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland Catherine was a minor in 1772. John Mc Clurken(2 sons - James & Andrew) 1764 in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland(Minor in 1772. William Boyd B.1738 Ireland D.12/7 1829 Laurens Co., S. Boyd's Bible) Buried: west of Madden Station, Laurens Co., S. His first wife was Miss Mc Clanahan (from family records) 2 daughters. John Martin 1/6 1773 - Council Journal applications. William Boyd - 100 Acres Miss Mc Clanahan (wife) 50 Acres 2 girls (50 Acres each) 100 Acres - total 250 9. His estate in 5 parts: 2 parts to Nancy Hazlet in her right or dower. Wit: William Boyd, Catherine Boyd, Samuel Mc Clurken.

It bounded north side of her father, James Sr.'s grant - a Butch Sanders note). Samuel Mc Clurken Revolutionary War Soldier - Claim #54, Paid 1783 & 1786 B.1756 in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland D. Plat Book 21-379 2/8 1773 David Weir Will written 4/5 1796; probated 4/27 1797. David Weir also on the Ship "Lord Dunluce" & received 100 Acres of land. to Adam Gordon 100 Acres, land granted to Jennet Mc Williams Long Branch, Duncan Creek, Bounded by Robert Taylor & Cradock by inheritance in fee simple. She did not receive land grant D.between 1800-1809 in Laurens Co., S.

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