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Finally, and significantly, Rogers found that vanillin had been depleted from the main body of the Shroud but not from the mended corner.

This could only mean that the carbon dating sample was not representative of the whole cloth and that the cloth was much older.

We'll keep monitoring the moderation folder, so any of your posts that go into moderation shouldn't be there long. It has to be lengthy in order to address such a complicated subject in the depth I intend. was more accurate, and he would sometimes correct the 1000 A. figure, whereas other times he'd let it pass without comment. Sometimes, disputes over what actually happened will go on for years, generations, or even centuries.

I can name some of the sources for my information below, but there are other sources I can't name for various reasons. In this case, there are some factors involved that help explain how poorly the story has been preserved.

I don't claim to have even come close to resolving all of the difficulties.

But I think I can clarify some points, with a lot still unsettled. The fact that the garbled numbers we have seem so easily explainable is significant.

The most plausible explanation for this difference was that material in this area contained threads that had been bleached more efficiently.

He assumed, and everyone assumed at the time, that this was representative of the whole cloth. Thousands of fiber samples taken from the main part of the Shroud reveal no cotton, whatsoever.This seemed to be clear evidence of a carefully crafted repair, intended to not be noticeable.Rogers confirmed the existence of embedded cotton fibers in the area of the carbon dating sample, while noting that such cotton fibers are not found in other samples from anywhere else on the shroud.Many people could cover these topics better than I can. One account will associate the test with the University of California, whereas another will associate it with Caltech. There are some significant similarities among the accounts, but accompanied by some significant differences. There probably are some eyewitnesses and/or other individuals who could come forward with significant information on these matters. In an email to me, William Meacham said, "Heller told me the test was done by the Livermore lab, but he didn't mention any person's name.Other people are more knowledgeable of the background issues, are in a better position to get more information, and so forth. He also said that starch had been identified on the thread. We need to be careful in judging whether a difference is a contradiction and, if it is one, how significant that contradiction is. He did say however that there was nothing written down and it would be denied by the people who did the test." I've come across three names of scientists allegedly involved in carrying out the test, and I want to address each.

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This form of ancient bleaching removed very little lignin.

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