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The reviews had been bad but I films of this genre generally do.

Besides any movie with Jessica Alba is worth a try in my opinion!

The kids looked about 10 or 11 and the goth girl asks Charlie to show her his penis!

She then forces herself onto him and curses him thus setting up the movie. I saw Employee of the Month (pretty poor but not as bas as this) and Dan In Real Life (good apart from Cook) and found Cook to be intensely irritating.

This is where the film peaks however, it then steadily declines into absolute trash. All I was thinking was that Alba should get a new agent because this is atrocious.

Cook takes the movie to absurd levels with an over the top display of love in which he seems to become more of a stalker than admirer.

A similar situation occurred when the studio gave distribution rights for Alpha Dog (2006) to Universal Pictures, but that case was related to controversy over real-life events.

See more » I approached this film with an open mind.

The site has few ads, other than for you to purchase credits, which are plentiful and in your face at every click.

Good Luck Chuck is basically a rom-com with a nastiness to it.

It's like the makers were trying to make a trashy sex comedy with a heart. This movie would have been far more successful had it cut out all the lewdness and Dane Cook!

Charlie Logan has never experienced true love, despite having had a number of girlfriends over the years.

After an announcement by one of his ex-girlfriends as such at her wedding, Charlie gets a reputation as being a good luck charm.

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