Elastic band effect dating

I could not be more than 7 years old when a boy pulled a little girls hair and ran, she started to cry and I was so mad a the boy for doing this, however the teacher who knew what was going on called him and asked him to apologise to the little girl.

With head bowed and looking really sad he said he was sorry, I saw a smile on the teachers face and knew I was missing something, and as I grew older understood when boy like girls they are unable to express their feelings they try to get the girls attention by hurting her.

The same thing happens when he begins chasing you, wanting you and dating you.

Remember: Too much pulling on an elastic band will eventually break it.If you wanted to be with me again and I was not with someone else, I am ready to renew this relationship.You are the greatest guy I have ever met." Google "elastic band theory" if you need any more information on this.I have been seeing a guy for just over a month and slept together a few days ago after which we spent a day together (he wanted to) playing games, eating and generally hanging out.it was great but since i left the following i have hardly heard from him.

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