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In most instances of bind, there are two files of interest: the master config file (called on most machines) and the “zone” file associated with each administered domain (usually called something like ““).There is usually one zone file per domain, but for the purposes of blocking malware, a single zone file can be associated with multiple malware-associated domains.) You should probably change the “ns0.” and “” to your own information.You may need to change the to or to an internal server, as discussed above.For example, the following entries in the local will add the domains “” and “” to the local DNS server (The full list can be downloaded HERE): ; BIND db file for ad servers - point all addresses to localhost ; ; Originally for use with the list of ad server hostnames at: ; ; ; ; - [email protected]$TTL 86400 ; one day @ IN SOA ns0. ( 2004061000 ; serial number YYMMDDNN 28800 ; refresh 8 hours 7200 ; retry 2 hours 864000 ; expire 10 days 86400 ) ; min ttl 1 day NS ns0. A * IN A is a wildcard, which means that will be returned for any hostname within that domain:,,, anythinghere.will all be resolved to single file will be used for all malware-associated domains.

However, since this “dummy” file should never change, the serial number is not important.

(There is an irony here, as some of the more “evil” malware hijacks your host file to prevent their removal or to redirect search queries).

Unfortunately, there are several problems with using host files, especially in a corporate environment: As an alternative to host files, there are several desktop-based DNS software packages available which are designed for use on a single desktop.

Debian and other Linux distros already have a file called “local” so we’ll use that as an example.

Make sure the file is located in the same working directory as the file or add the full path to the file (such as /etc/namedb/local or /etc/bind/local).

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