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The two attend a lavish party, where — like in Antonioni’s movie — Arnold comes to grips with the end of a relationship.

The episode also features a scene where a summer shower sends giddy guests leaping into a swimming pool, as in together on a snowy New York night, and find themselves falling into the pattern of the characters in that film, sharing a mutual attraction complicated by an absent fiancé.

“Bacon and God’s Wrath” (2015)The provocatively titled episode “Religion” is partly about Dev trying to hide his lack of interest in Islam from his more devout parents, but it’s mostly about how he and his cousin Navid skip a holiday prayer service to gorge on forbidden pig at a barbecue festival.

Navid’s initiation by Dev into the wonders of bacon is a lot like this charming Sol Friedman short film, about a 90-year-old Jewish woman who has a crisis of faith and decides it’s probably time to take her first bites of pork.

One episode later, the two have an awkward dinner together, and their relationship dies in its “budding” stage.

Ansari (who co-wrote the script and directed the episode) even saddles Dev with a young Italian boy as a companion, so that he can copy some of — and yet despite this season’s fascination with both classic cinema and gastronomy, Ansari and Yang don’t specifically quote from any one of them.

’s two Antonioni-inspired episodes, the season’s most blatant homage comes in the premiere, “The Thief,” which riffs on the plot, credit fonts, and black-and-white cinematography of Vittorio De Sica’s .

Rather than a poor working man losing a bike he needs to get a job, this episode is about the relatively well-off Dev losing a cell phone — and with it, the phone number of an attractive young woman named Sara.

(1995)Season two’s best episode is “Thanksgiving,” which follows Dev and his lesbian friend Denise through year after year of holidays with her family, as she tries to get her mother Catherine (beautifully played by Angela Bassett) to accept her attraction to women.

It’s an inventive and moving half hour, ending with a pointed reimagining of Norman Rockwell’s painting.

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This year, the aspiring actor and son of Indian immigrants gets a well-paying, somewhat embarrassing gig as the host of a reality competition show called , he dates women he doesn’t click with, and pines for an already-engaged Italian named Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi).

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